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Don’t plead your case for alimony. Prepare it

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | family law |

Does this scenario sound familiar? Divorce is looming or underway, and you must figure out how to make ends meet on a single income while dealing with financial anxiety. You are not alone, as many divorcing spouses struggle with the same issue.

Spousal support could be a lifeline, but is it still an option? How do you secure it? Alimony is no longer a post-divorce guarantee, but strategic preparation can significantly boost your chances.

Forget fairytales

Remember, judges prioritize demonstrated need — not just wishes. So, avoid emotional pleas and embellishing your plight in favor of a case anchored in facts.

Knowledge is power

Immerse yourself in the various alimony types available in New Jersey, like durational and rehabilitative support. Understanding them empowers you to request the most fitting option for your situation.

Be realistic — not greedy

Assess your genuine financial needs – both short and long-term (especially long-term). Judges scrutinize unrealistic demands, so present a grounded, sustainable petition.

Know your opponent

Learn what you can about your spouse’s financial landscape early in your divorce journey. Not only can this help lead to a fair outcome in your petition, but it also helps to ensure you request an amount within their paying capacity.

Highlight your sacrifices

Did you put your career on hold to support your spouse’s education or stay home with the kids? Showcase these contributions, as they can paint a picture of shared sacrifices and your current need for support.

Remember, spousal support is not a right – it is a court-awarded support system to help with the economic aftermath of divorce. Legal guidance can help you demonstrate your need in court.