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Representing Your Concerns In Child Support Matters

The law has long recognized the obligation of parents to support their children. New Jersey law, through statutes and court rules, has defined this obligation through the use of child support guidelines. These guidelines were developed through the use of various studies in which the cost to families to raise children was determined.

New Jersey courts prefer that child support be paid in accordance with the guidelines unless there is some important reason why the guidelines should not be followed. Salvatore DePinto has provided family law representation of every kind, and is knowledgeable about child support laws in New Jersey.

What You Need To Know About Child Support

Various financial information involving income and expenses is required in order to properly compute child support. It is also important to know what the child support amount includes. Many parents are surprised at all the expenses that are included in the child support that they are receiving as described in the child support guidelines. For example, a child support calculation theoretically includes money for the custodial parent to pay for extracurricular activities for the child.

However, as most parents know, the cost of some extracurricular activities can be exorbitant, including things like travel sports and the cost of sports equipment that may be required to be purchased for the child. Unless there is some agreement that expenses such as extracurricular activities will be paid for outside of the child support amount, the custodial parent will find himself or herself burdened with these expenses without any right to request additional support from the noncustodial parent.

How Child Support Is Determined

Child support figures are not just some arbitrary figure that the court chooses. There is a logical thought process to choosing the figure. Some of the factors that affect the amount of child support include:

  • Income from other adults in the home
  • The cost to either parent of work-related child support
  • The cost to either party of health insurance
  • The number of overnights the children spend with the noncustodial parent
  • The cost to support children from other relationships

Child support is an issue that will be resolved as a part of the divorce litigation. Even where there is no pending divorce, the New Jersey courts have jurisdiction to award child support or modify existing child support.

Let Us Help You Establish A Fair Child Support

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