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Putting A Power Of Attorney In Place That Meets Your Needs

A power of attorney is a document whereby one person, the grantor, gives to another person, the attorney-in-fact, the ability to conduct the grantor’s personal financial affairs. Disputes sometimes arise regarding the way the attorney-in-fact uses the powers granted to him or her under the power of attorney.

Attorney Salvatore DePinto has experience representing both attorneys-in-fact and individuals who have questioned the actions of attorneys-in-fact. He serves clients throughout New Jersey from his office in Hamilton Township.

Your Ally In Complex Power Of Attorney Issues

There are a variety of concerns that can arise related to a power of attorney. These issues may include allegations that the attorney-in-fact has misappropriated the grantor’s funds to the benefit of their benefit or has otherwise wasted the assets of the grantor. Sometimes these lawsuits arise while the grantor is living. Other times they occur after the grantor has died. In either event, these types of lawsuits bring with them complicated legal issues that have to be dealt with for the matter to be properly resolved.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Attorney

If you are faced with an issue regarding a power of attorney or have questions about the process, contact Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, at our Hamilton Township office by calling 609-807-8942 or complete our online form.