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Experienced Estate Accounting Representation

It is important that an estate accounting is properly completed. A mistake can be extremely time-consuming and costly. It can result in contentious litigation that may ultimately result in courts making decisions for the estate.

Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, has more than 30 years of experience handling probate cases, estate accounting and estate litigation representation. We understand how to investigate such matters. Based in Hamilton Township, attorney Salvatore DePinto uses his experience in handling both informal and more complex formal accounting cases to help clients in and around Mercer County. At our law firm, we do what is necessary to resolve estate accounting matters efficiently and cost-effectively.

Paying Close Attention To Detail

An estate accounting may arise when disputes over estate distribution take place. In those instances, the executor or personal representative may have to put in writing what estate assets and debts exist. With a background in estate litigation and probate matters, we understand the process for documenting estate assets and debts. Because of this, we can offer a variety of services related to your estate accounting needs, including:

  • Providing an accurate assessment of how much an estate accounting will cost
  • Partnering with skilled accountants to investigate bank statements, IRAs and other accounts to asses what the estate contains
  • Offering advice regarding estate taxes and expenses
  • Overseeing the entire estate accounting process to ensure the executor’s claims are correct

Unfortunately, the executor may not always do what they need to be doing. In those instances, it is vital to have an attorney on your side who understands estate accounting methods and can make sure the accounting is accurate.

Your Committed Ally In Estate Accounting

Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, is known for our attention to detail that ensures we thoroughly understand every case. It is our practice to listen carefully to each client’s concerns. We commit to providing you guidance through each step of the process and ensuring that you understand the full extent of your legal options.

Contact An Experienced Estate Accounting Attorney Today

To learn more about our estate accounting services, contact our Hamilton Township office by calling 609-807-8942 or complete our online form. We provide representation for Allentown, Robbinsville, Lawrenceville, West Windsor and Cranbury.