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Advocating For A Fair Distribution Of Assets

In a divorce process, one of the largest battles that occurs is the act of property division. Often times, both sides of the divorce will want ownership of several of the same assets, such as a vehicle, home or boat. Tensions can rise quickly during this, which can make things run out of control in a split second. Here at Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, our goal is to make sure that we make your property division as quick and civil as possible.

We have years of litigation experience behind us to help you work toward the best possible outcome in this situation. We know what it takes to help you through equitable distribution.

What To Expect During Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the process by which all assets and debts of the marital unit are divided. As with alimony, the statutes that are relevant to equitable distribution contain a list of factors that the court is to consider when called upon to divide the assets of divorcing couples. Many times the contributions from both parties during the course of the marriage have been substantial and assets are therefore divided equally.

However, there can be any number of situations where it would not be fair to divide either assets or debts 50-50. Have on your side an experienced family law lawyer who understands New Jersey’s property division laws. Attorney Salvatore DePinto has extensive knowledge and experience regarding New Jersey’s equitable distribution laws.

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