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Knowledgeable Guidance For Both Sides Of Relocation Disputes

Many of the most contentious child custody issues revolve around the relocation of the child. It is therefore important to have on your side an experienced family law and divorce attorney who understands the laws regarding child location matters. Salvatore DePinto, in Hamilton, New Jersey, has handled family law and child relocation matters since 1984.

Salvatore DePinto is an experienced family law lawyer and is a member of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association. A large portion of his practice as a lawyer concerns resolving child custody matters, and he can provide guidance regarding your best available legal options. Call us at 609-807-8942 today.

The Consequences Of Relocation

It is important to handle relocation cases with care. Courts are especially attentive to the fact that the best interest of the child is at stake when making determinations regarding these matters.

Also, child relocation can mean that you will have to revisit a number of other family law considerations. This can include revisions to the divorce order or stipulation. A child relocation can also impact child custody, child support, visitation and spousal support concerns. It is therefore important to have on your side an attorney with extensive understanding of every aspect of family law when a child relocation takes place.

Salvatore DePinto regularly handles family law matters through negotiation and litigation. This includes trying family law matters through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. He keeps himself well-versed upon the law and is extremely experienced in revisiting family law orders through the post-judgment enforcement and modification process.

Most importantly, he will vigorously defend your rights as a parent when it comes to important determinations regarding your child, including child relocation. When meeting with you, he listens to your concerns and will provide you with advice and guidance to help resolve your legal matter. He will work closely with you to protect your interests and the interests of your children.

Speak To An Experienced Family Law Attorney Today

Relocation can be a complex matter that needs an experienced attorney to sort things out. To learn more about New Jersey law regarding child relocation matters or to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney, please contact Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, by calling 609-807-8942.