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Addressing Your Needs In Alimony/Spousal Support Cases

As is the case with child support, alimony is an issue that will be resolved as a part of the divorce litigation. However, unlike child support, alimony has no specific guidelines. Instead, the statutes dealing with alimony list 13 factors that the court must consider when deciding upon the appropriate amount of alimony to award. On a case-by-case basis, the court may give some of the factors more weight than others. There are many reported cases that discuss how these factors should be considered.

The assistance of experienced counsel is most often required in order to determine your rights regarding the paying or receiving of alimony. The courts also have the authority to award temporary support in those circumstances that warrant it. Many times when one spouse has left the marital residence, issues arise regarding the payment of monthly expenses and other bills. The Hamilton, New Jersey, law office of Salvatore DePinto can assist you in dealing with such complex issues.

Alimony Issues Following Divorce

Even after a divorce has been concluded, issues regarding alimony may continue to arise between the parties. The party receiving alimony may begin living with someone, called cohabitation, with the result being that a reduction or termination of alimony may be appropriate.

If either of the parties has a drastic increase or reduction in income, this will also create a situation where alimony may have to be adjusted. The law in this area is complex, and many times requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you believe that there is a reason for an adjustment in alimony regarding your circumstances, please contact our law firm for guidance.

What Is Equitable Distribution?

Equitable distribution is the process by which all assets and debts of the marital unit are divided. As with alimony, the statutes that are relevant to equitable distribution contain a list of factors that the court is to consider when called upon to divide the assets of divorcing couples. Many times, the contributions from both parties during the marriage have been substantial and assets are therefore divided equally. However, there can be any number of situations where it would not be fair to divide either assets or debts 50-50.

Contact An Equitable Distribution Lawyer

In these matters, if you face these issues on your own, you risk consequences that you may regret for years today. Salvatore DePinto provides guidance regarding alimony/spousal support issues. To contact Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, call at 609-807-8942 to schedule an initial consultation.