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4 reasons joint custody typically benefits children of divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | child custody |

New Jersey Assembly Bill A912, introduced in January 2022, sparked significant debate about child custody in the state. The bill deviates from the current legal framework by establishing a presumption of joint legal and physical custody in child-related matters.

That means, without a demonstrably good reason otherwise, both parents would be granted shared decision-making and parenting time. If you dislike the idea of joint custody or are still considering your options, take some time to learn how equal parenting arrangements may be good for your kids.

Strong parent-child bonds

Children in joint custody tend to maintain close relationships with both parents, giving them a strong sense of identity, belonging and emotional support. Reliable love and guidance from each parent can promote their emotional well-being and development.

Stable home environment

Joint parenting may reduce day-to-day conflict and tension in both households. Children already coping with a separation or divorce usually benefit substantially from the calm and stability of joint arrangements.

Improved academic performance

A recent study suggests that children in joint custody may perform better academically than those in sole custody. Specifically, kids with shared parenting arrangements often earn substantially greater grade point averages.

Reduced risk of mental health problems

Research indicates joint custody arrangements are less likely to lead to mental health problems like chronic stress, anxiety and depression in kids of divorce. One possible reason is that these children may have access to more support and stability than those in sole custody.

While joint physical and legal custody offers many advantages, it is not always ideal for every family situation. Legal guidance can broaden your perspective and help you look at child custody matters from the viewpoint of what is truly best for your children.