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Making back-to-school better for children after a separation

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2023 | child custody, family law |

When New Jersey parents decide that separation is the right option, it can take time for the family to adjust. Children may have more difficulty getting used to it than anyone else. If you’re in this situation, these tips can help make back-to-school easier for your kids afterward.

Keep up a routine

As you share child custody with your spouse, ensure that your children have a routine. Kids need structure, so making things regular for them is the best way to help them cope. A routine helps children no matter what their age by restoring a balance of normalcy.

Work with your spouse

Working with your spouse civilly to devise a co-parenting schedule is crucial. Even if your separation was contentious, being respectful when communicating and agreeing on a parenting plan is the best way to show your children that you are very much still a family unit.

Inform other adults

Informing other adults in your child’s life such as friends’ parents, teachers and other school staff is wise. When they’re in the know, they’re in a position to help the situation by knowing how to approach different situations with your child. School staff who understand that your child may be struggling with your separation can offer extra support to help them cope.

Listen to your child

No doubt, your child is experiencing a slew of emotions during your separation. They might be having a hard time of it; encourage them to talk and really listen to them. Reassure them and show them love while hearing their side of things.

Most kids enjoy school. A change in their family life like a separation can throw them for a loop, but you can take measures so they can thrive in class.