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The effects of divorce on charitable giving

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | blog, family law |

Divorce in New Jersey is a life-altering event that affects individuals and families in many ways, including their charitable giving habits. Charitable giving involves donating to a charity or nonprofit organization as an act of goodwill. So, how does divorce affect charitable giving?

Lower income

Statistics show that divorces often result in a decrease in household income. It can be difficult for married couples to adjust financially after the split, and many find themselves with lower incomes than when they were together. This can make giving to charity or contributing significantly to any nonprofit organization more difficult.

Also, some couples may have to divide assets that were once shared, such as funds they had set aside for charitable giving. This can further reduce the amount of money available for donations.

However, some individuals may use their newfound independence to donate money to causes they believe in, even with a lower income.

Redirected priorities

Divorce can also cause couples to redirect their priorities in terms of their giving. For example, instead of giving to a charity or nonprofit organization, some divorced individuals may donate more money to get back on their feet financially after the divorce.

Others may choose to give more time or money to support family members who are struggling. This could mean they donate less to charities than before the divorce.

Loss of empathy

When couples go through a difficult divorce, they may lose some of their empathy and goodwill towards others. This can lead to less charitable giving as individuals are more focused on caring for themselves and their own families instead of helping those in need.

Additionally, if a divorce is particularly contentious between the two parties, it might cause them to be less sympathetic toward causes that could benefit from donations.

But, some couples find that giving to charity is a way to come together after the divorce. Divorced individuals may find it helpful to donate some of their time or money to support causes they both care about, allowing them to stay connected meaningfully and positively.

Divorce may cause individuals or couples to rethink their charitable giving habits, but it doesn’t have to be seen as a hindrance. As long as couples are open to exploring different methods of giving and adapting their strategies according to their new circumstances, they can continue positively contributing to the causes that matter to them.