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4 things moms should know about child support

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | child custody, family law |

New Jersey mothers who go through a divorce often find themselves facing many financial questions. In addition to adjusting to life on a single income, the concept of child support often makes an already difficult divorce more contentious. There are a few things that mothers need to know about child support and how it works.

How to get child support

Contrary to what you may have heard, there is more than one way for mothers to receive child support following a divorce. Obviously, you can petition the court to enforce a child support agreement. However, you can also work with your ex to determine a fair amount of financial support that allows you to better care for your children.

Does child support cover everything?

Another misconception about child support involves the myth that mothers can choose how to spend the money they receive from their ex. According to the law, you must use child support to pay for your child’s essential needs.

How is child support calculated?

Every state has a different formula that it uses to determine how much child support you will receive. The state of New Jersey relies on a formula that includes the amount of time you have your child, your ex’s gross income, and several other factors. It’s worth noting that any form of financial compensation gets calculated when determining child support.

Can you change child support obligations?

While child support ends when your child turns 18, there are other instances when you can modify the agreement. The court can amend the order if either parent undergoes a substantial financial change. This includes a pay increase or a pay decrease.

Child support is one of the most difficult things that divorced couples must work through. Knowing your rights can help you ensure your child receives the things he or she needs.