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Protecting yourself from an abusive spouse in divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | family law |

Many New Jersey divorces can be difficult, but anyone who tries to end a marriage with an irrational spouse who lacks empathy has additional concerns. The initial steps are often fraught with danger, as the abuser can become unhinged when they believe they are losing control.

Victims of narcissistic abuse may become confused

When someone decides to divorce a narcissist, they often experience a mix of emotions. Survivors of narcissistic abusers sometimes begin to wonder whether they have imagined some of the toxic episodes of their marriage and mistakenly begin to think that their spouse will act rationally during divorce proceedings. Instead, the narcissist often blindsides them with more abusive behavior in retaliation for leaving.

If you go through a breakup with someone with a personality disorder, they will often make you pay for every move. Preparing a safety plan before you leave a narcissistic spouse is essential. Among the elements you may want to consider are protecting any children and family members who depend on you, along with animals. Have a plan on where to go along with law enforcement aspects you may need to consider before you take the first step. Custody battles for pets, as well as children, have become increasingly common.

Narcissists commonly drag out divorce cases

Spouses who decide to divorce their narcissistic spouse should realize they might be in for a long haul in the divorce process. Toxic narcissists commonly challenge every aspect of family law, including child custody, child support and alimony payments, parenting arrangements, division of property and virtually any aspect of the marriage and its subsequent breakup. Knowing that you may have to deal with such issues is essential to help you get through the process.

You may need to think outside the box when divorcing a narcissist. In addition to the standard precautions regarding changing financial accounts during divorce, you may have to go a few steps further by changing passwords to emails, social media accounts and other critical cyber entities, changing door locks and adding home security for protection.