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Factors to consider when deciding on a divorce attorney

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | family law |

Choosing the right attorney is critical in a New Jersey divorce. Before you choose a lawyer, certain factors must be considered. It is important to remember that just like every divorce case is different, divorce lawyers have different experience levels, and not all lawyers work the same way.

What to consider before choosing your divorce lawyer

Choosing your divorce lawyer takes research and investigation. However, investing the time needed to make this important choice will help you work toward a fair divorce settlement. Some of the factors you should consider before choosing your lawyer include:

  • Complexity of your divorce, which often depends on assets and whether you have any children
  • Type of divorce process you want: mediation, cooperative divorce or litigation
  • Impact on children
  • Lawyer’s experience in the divorce process that you want

Meeting with potential divorce lawyers

Before you decide on a divorce lawyer, you should identify a few lawyers who you believe might work best with the type of divorce you are seeking. When you meet with them, you should ask them questions about their experience, preparation, type of clients and the outcome of their cases. You also want to use that initial interview to evaluate if what you expect from a divorce lawyer is what a particular divorce lawyer offers. You both should be on the same page regarding the divorce.

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make related to your divorce process. Finding the right fit for you means feeling secure that you have someone you can trust with this important legal matter.