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What are some common reasons for divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | family law |

There are plenty of reasons why New Jersey couples get divorced. Deciding to end your marriage is not an easy conclusion to come to, but sometimes, it’s necessary.


Cheating ranks as one of the top reasons for married couples to end up divorcing. When one spouse strays from their wedding vows and has an affair, or even if they have a one-night stand, they could end up irretrievably breaking up the relationship. The other spouse has to deal with the aftermath: their trust and heart broken. While some people forgive and stay married, others find that impossible and file for divorce.

Lack of love and intimacy

A lack of intimacy in a marriage is a good reason for it coming to an end. If one spouse is unable to express love to the other, it signifies that there is a serious problem in the marriage. Saying “I love you” on a regular basis can keep the relationship strong, as can showing physical signs of affection and love. However, if there’s no such connection or attempt to show love to a spouse, there’s a good chance that divorce is in the cards.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a great reason to get a divorce. When one person regularly abuses the other physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually or financially, it damages the relationship to the point of complete deterioration. If two people are married, they’re supposed to show love to one another; anyone who abuses their spouse should not be in a relationship, let alone a marriage. Love means never deliberately hurting a partner through abuse.

Substance abuse

Alcohol or drug abuse is a serious disease, but it could also lay the groundwork for a divorce. Some couples are able to get through it when the one with the substance abuse problem seeks help, but others don’t make it. There’s only so much the sober spouse can do in such a situation, so they might turn to divorce even though they love the other person.

If you and your spouse have determined that your marriage is no longer worth salvaging, divorce might be your only option.