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Helping your child cope with your divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | family law |

There are many difficult decisions to make during a divorce. Estranged New Jersey couples need plans for their finances and new living situations. If they are parents, they also need a plan for how to help their young children cope with their new family dynamics. There are a few steps parents can take.

Talk to them together

Ideally, parents will explain the divorce to their children together. This creates a united front. It allows the child to ask any questions they might need to of both parents at the same time. Children will often feel like they have been in the dark up to this point. By talking to them together, children are more likely to feel like they are getting transparent answers.

Focus the conversation on them

There is a temptation to center the conversation about divorce on why it is happening. What’s most important for your child is how this will affect them. Parents can explain that they are no longer able to live together, but now their child will have two happy homes to live in. Give them some information on how things will be going forward. Be careful not to promise too much or say anything that won’t be true. Stay grounded in true events that your child can expect moving forward.

Stick to old routines

Sometimes, parents let old routines slide during a transition period. It can be difficult to stick to them when so much else is changing. Adhering to them can help create a sense of safety and normalcy for a child, such as the same bedtimes, waking up times, and any others that you can.

Take care of yourself

Your child will watch their parents to see how things are going. Taking care of yourself lets your child know that you are okay and therefore that they are okay as well.