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What are the long-term effects of divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | family law |

Coming to the conclusion that you no longer want to remain married isn’t easy. At the same time, many New Jersey couples end up in divorce court and are miserable during and after. This is due to the long-term physical and mental health effects they experience.

Physical effects of divorce

Psychology Today cited a study in the Journal of Men’s Health on divorce’s physical effects. Researchers found that men and women experience weakened immune systems and weight changes. Men are more likely to develop heart disease or cancer after their marriage ends.

Divorced men also have a higher rate of heart attack or stroke than men who are still married. Their mortality rate is around 250% higher than that of married men.

The University of Texas at Austin conducted a study on women and divorce. Researchers found that among the physical effects women experience, they have a 24% higher chance of heart attack after a divorce. Women who have divorced more than once are 77% more at risk of heart attacks. Women suffer higher levels of stress and inflammation as well.

Emotional effects of divorce

Men are more apt to suffer a variety of emotional effects from divorce. Women initiate divorce more often than men, which results in husbands often experiencing shock, stress, anxiety and depression. Men might also feel guilty as they ponder what caused their spouse to want to end the marriage. They’re also more likely than women to have insomnia and substance abuse problems after a divorce.

Women tend to turn to their support systems during and after divorce, which helps them cope better emotionally. Yet, they often experience identity issues as a new divorcee. Women also remain stressed for a longer period than men after divorce, usually attributed to a change in their standard of living.

Focusing on yourself and your children is helpful after a divorce. You can find the positive aspects of your life and build on them.