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Compiling necessary divorce documents

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | family law |

Since divorce is a legal process, estranged couples entering a New Jersey courtroom should expect to present evidence. Evidence does not only refer to such things as text messages proving a spouse’s undesirable behavior. Evidence might include essential financial and other documents that establish who owns what assets and more. Properly compiling all documents necessary for smooth divorce proceedings seems advisable.

Documents to ready for divorce proceedings

A marriage certificate and deeds to all properties may first come to mind when someone asks divorcing spouses about collecting documents. Proof of marriage and home ownership is important, and so would the tax returns filed during the marriage. Filing jointly could have different consequences than filing separately since questions about tax debt may arise.

Tax documents also establish who earned how much during the year and from what sources. Presenting income and investment-related 1099s and the like might be required, too.

Submitting documents showing the costs associated with owning a home could be vital. Monthly utility bills and property tax records may factor into decisions about spousal support if one spouse receives and intends to live in the home.

Additional documents to present

Various other documents may play essential roles during divorce proceedings or court trials. Credit card statements may reveal much about the marriage’s financial health. The reports would also indicate whether the debt is jointly or solely held.

All costs related to child care could play a vital part in the court’s determinations on child support. The child’s health care, schooling and hobby-related expenses add up. The court would likely review every cost not only to arrive at a child support amount but possibly to decide on which parent should receive custody.

A dishonest spouse may try to hide assets. A thorough presentation of various documents could undermine such attempts.