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Modifying a child support order

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | blog, family law |

Some New Jersey parents who pay or receive child support might find themselves wondering if the support order can be modified once it has been issued. They can, but there are strict reasons that will justify a chance and there are also state conditions that will establish time limits for when modifications can be pursued.

Modifications can be pursued when there is significant change

Either parent, whether paying or receiving financial support for their child, can ask for a modification, provided there has been a significant change in the circumstances under which the original support order was issued. Some of the situations that can be considered significant include:

  • The child’s educational or medical care costs increasing considerably
  • The paying parent losing their job or experiencing a dramatic loss of income
  • The paying parent receiving a major raise

Time limitations for seeking a child support order modification

While rules vary from state to state, some states do impose limitations on when a parent can ask for a child support modification. For example, some states allow parents to ask for a modification every two or three years if they can prove that there has been a significant change. Because of this, parents should be careful when they petition for change and be sure that they can provide proof of the significant change before the state investigates.

The process for seeking a support order modification

If you meet the conditions for a support order modification, you can start the process by contacting the Child Support Enforcement Office where the original child support order was first issued. You can then file a motion to modify an order of support. An investigation into the matter will then be made to determine if a modification is warranted.

Family situations change as do financial needs. Support order modifications are there to meet those events.