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How should you behave on social media during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | blog, family law |

Divorce is stressful for any New Jersey couple who believed their marriage would last. It’s important to know how to behave on social media during this time.

Change your passwords

While going through a divorce, it’s wise to change the passwords on your social media accounts. If you’re like many couples, you probably shared your password with your ex, which means they could access your account and see your posts. You might even want to go a step further and change the password to your phone, tablet and computer.

Be careful what you post

It can be tempting to vent on your social media profiles about your spouse and your ongoing divorce. This is a huge mistake. Avoid posting anything about your spouse and your divorce. If you say too much, it could end up working against you. Your spouse’s attorney might even be able to access your posts and use them against you in your divorce case.

If you start dating someone new during your divorce, you should refrain from posting about that as well. Don’t post pictures of yourself with your new love interest, either. It only reflects poorly on you and your spouse can use the information against you.

Avoid taking pictures at the courthouse

Just like you should avoid posting about your divorce on social media, you should avoid taking selfies at the courthouse. It’s a bad idea that can lead to trouble. Not only does it show everyone that you’re in court and reveal your location, but it also raises the ire of courthouse police.

Change your privacy settings

Changing your privacy settings is smart during a divorce. Even if you don’t post anything related to your divorce, doing this can prevent your spouse or someone they know who you aren’t connected with from viewing your timeline.

Delete your relationship status

Instead of updating your relationship status, delete it altogether. Once your divorce is final, you can enter “Divorced” without issue.