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Ideas for sharing joint custody of your children

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | child custody |

New Jersey parents who have been awarded joint custody of their children face the challenge of determining the right custody schedule for them. While each parent is to enjoy the same amount of time with their children, actually working out the dates and times for custody can be a bit trying. For this reason, there are a few child custody schedules below for inspiration.

Alternating weeks

If you have older children, you may want to consider an alternative week child custody arrangement. This makes it easier for your children and both parents to keep track of the schedule. During this arrangement, your children will stay with you for one full week. Then, they will stay with their other parent for one full week. The transition day may take place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for simplicity. It’s usually more difficult to schedule a transition day during the week.

2-2-3 rotation

Another commonly sought-after custody arrangement is referred to as the 2-2-3 rotation. Under this type of custody arrangement, each parent will have two days of custody during the week. Then, the parent who had custody first will enjoy a three-day weekend with the children. The following week, the roles will swap. This essentially allows both parents to enjoy custody time during the week and full custody every other weekend, making it a better fit for younger children. The 2-2-3 rotation can work on any schedule. However, it’s typically best to enjoy the three-day part of the rotation by scheduling it on the weekend.

Child custody arrangements can be difficult to work up. You may want to start out with the alternating week or 2-2-3 rotation schedule and go from there. If you have trouble negotiating with your child’s other parent, your family law attorney may step in to offer suggestions for compromise.