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Do you need to prepare for your ex to relocate with the kids?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Firm News |

The idea of being away from their children is gut wrenching for many New Jersey parents. You may have worried about what would happen to your relationships with your kids after you and your now ex-spouse decided to divorce. The custody proceedings went fairly well, and you have still been able to keep in close contact with the kids.

Now, however, you have even more concerns because your ex is talking about relocating with the children. At first, you may have adamantly put your foot down and said that there is no way your ex would take your children away. However, the court may end up having the final say in whether the relocation can happen.

What if the court approves?

The court will look at various aspects of the case to determine whether relocation would benefit or harm the children in anyway. In the event that the court does approve the move, you may want to consider the following long-distance parenting tips:

  • Utilize technology: With the various options for staying in contact available these days, you should have no problem reaching your children. You can text, email, call or even video chat to remain a constant in their lives.
  • Utilize old-school methods: While technology can be useful at reaching your kids at a moment’s notice, you may also want to consider doing something a little more special, like sending a postcard or letter by snail mail every now and then.
  • Learn what they like: During your conversations with your kids, make sure to talk about their interests. If they bring up something you do not know much about, you can learn about it and be able to ask questions and hold a conversation next time you talk.
  • Ask for their input: Your children may have specific ways that they would like you to keep in touch, and each child may prefer a different way. For instance, one child may prefer one-on-one conversations as opposed to group Skype calls.

While preparing for a relocation can be helpful, you may also want to consider your options for fighting against the move if you believe it would be in the best interests of your children to do so. Discussing what the court considers for relocation petitions and what your options as the noncustodial parent are with an experienced attorney may help you better prepare.