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Comprehensive Real Estate Litigation Representation

Sal DePinto maintains a full service real estate litigation practice. He is experienced in all facets of real estate litigation. He has the ability to quickly assess your situation and provide you with sound advice concerning your legal rights in a wide variety of areas. Call 609-807-8942 to set up a consultation.

Contract Disputes

In both residential and commercial transactions, a party to a real estate contract may find themselves getting involved in a dispute that is beyond their ability to resolve. Many times the parties haven't even read through all of the contract documents. They find themselves in a position where they question what their next move should be. Sal DePinto can help you understand the contract documents and explain to you what your options are.

Title Issues

After buying a property a landowner can discover that someone is claiming to have certain rights affecting their property. One example is someone claiming an easement or right to go onto the property. Another example is someone claiming to have a lien on the property. There may or may not be title insurance coverage to assist a homeowner. Even if there is title insurance; the title company may deny coverage. Sal DePinto can help you understand what is happening and can help you defend your title.


If you are faced with foreclosure we may be able to help to mediate with your lender. Sal DePinto also represents both lenders and borrowers of private mortgages.

Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial leases can be complicated and difficult to understand. Disputes between landlords and tenants can consist of disputes over rent payments, damage to the property, the condition of the property and the use of the property, just to name a few. If you are involved in a Commercial lease dispute, we can help you navigate your way to a resolution.

Boundary Line Disputes

Contrary to what most people believe, every piece of real estate does not have undisputed, well defined property lines. In both rural and urban areas, boundary lines can overlap, thereby creating issues as to where the true boundary line is. Sal DePinto has experience in resolving these types of disputes.

Short Sale Representation

The downturn in the economy has created a situation where properties are no longer worth what the mortgage balances are. Sellers trying to sell these properties are faced with a situation where they try to obtain approval from their mortgage lenders to take less than what they are owed. Each lender has its own procedures and requirements for a homeowner to comply with in order to obtain a short sale approval. These procedures can be complicated. If you need help, call Sal DePinto today.

The Failure To Disclose Defects

After buying a house, the homeowner discovers something terribly wrong with the home: the basement leaks, the foundation is ready to collapse, the roof supports are sagging, the septic system needs to be replaced. If these conditions were known to the seller, but not disclosed, you may have the right to be compensated. Call Sal DePinto today for a free consultation.

Zoning Disputes

Every property is located in a zoning district that regulates how the land can be used. A violation of zoning regulations can result in daily fines and a lawsuit that seeks to stop the unpermitted use. These cases may involve a dispute with both a neighbor and the municipality. Many times these cases involve complex issues and result in court cases in both the Superior Court and Municipal Court. An experienced attorney can help you effectively resolve this type of dispute.

Disputes With Home Improvement Contractors

There are many horror stories about people who have hired home improvement contractors only to be left with substandard and unfinished work that has been paid for in full. Homeowners have strong consumer rights backed by the Consumer Fraud Act. Let us explain them to you. If you have a home improvement problem, call us today.

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