Effective Resolution Of Will Contest Disputes

Will contests occur for a variety of reasons. Essentially, a will contest lawsuit is where someone files a complaint with the Surrogates Court in an effort to either get a will confirmed as the Last Will and Testament of the deceased person or to challenge a will that has been presented to the surrogate to be probated based upon an allegation that the will is somehow defective or was the result of some wrongful behavior on the part of another person.

Let Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, in Hamilton, New Jersey, help you resolve your will dispute issue. With close to 30 years of experience, we know what resolution methods will prove most effective.

How Will Contests Arise

Will contests can involve situations where there is a question about whether the deceased was of sound mind when he or she signed the will; where the original will cannot be located; or where there is a dispute over what was actually intended by the deceased.

Other will contests involve wrongful behavior, such as the alleged forgery of a will; some type of fraud being perpetrated upon the deceased person; or in many instances, the allegation that undue influence was exercised over the deceased. Another example of a will contest is where a child or other legal heir of a deceased person is either not mentioned in the will or is disinherited under the terms of the will. These lawsuits occur in the Surrogates Court and are governed by specific court rules and procedures that must be followed in order to properly resolve the case.

Many of these cases involve complicated fact patterns and the accumulation of information and documents that may date back for many years. Sal DePinto, as a lawyer, has been involved in representing both the Executors of estates as well as disinherited heirs and litigants who believe that a will is fraudulent or the result of undue influence or coercion.

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