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Helping Executors And Beneficiaries Sort Through Inheritance Issues

Attorney Sal DePinto has for 30 years been helping individuals in estate litigation cases in Hamilton. He understands the steps to take when inheritance issues arise.

Guidance For Beneficiaries

Numerous issues arise regarding a person's right to an inheritance in New Jersey. These may include:

  • A person may believe that they have a right to an inheritance but there may be no mention of them in the will.
  • The executor or administrator of the estate may not be properly carrying out their duties or may be failing to deliver the inheritance to the beneficiaries.
  • The executor or administrator of the estate may have failed to take possession of all of the assets or failed to prepare an accounting.
  • The executor or administrator of the estate may have caused an asset to decrease in value.

Any of these issues may create a need for a beneficiary to have to file suit in an estate.

Representation Of Executors Or Administrators Of Estates

If you are in charge of an estate it may be simple or it may be difficult to administer the estate. Many times there are issues with assets and debts that require the expertise of an attorney that has experience in estate administration.

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