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Efficient Resolution Of Business Litigation Disputes

Business disputes can prove costly if not handled carefully and effectively. Attorney Sal DePinto is experienced in representing individuals and businesses in the resolution of business disputes throughout the State of New Jersey. He has provided such representation for 30 years.

How Business Disputes Arise

Business disputes may take the form of disputes between owners of a business or between businesses. These disputes may involve situations where there are no written documents and only verbal agreements or situations where there are numerous, complex agreements between parties. Either way, it is difficult for an individual to understand the various legal concepts that are involved in the resolution of these business disputes.

Efficient Handling Of Business Disputes

As a lawyer, Sal DePinto has been involved with disputes between partners, as well as disputes between shareholders. He has litigated cases where he has represented one of the joint owners of real estate in a dispute about the ownership of the real estate and the relative rights and obligations of the parties. Sal has represented individuals who have purchased Internet based businesses only to discover that they were misled with regard to the income being generated by these businesses.

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There are obviously a multitude of situations that cause business disputes between co-owners of businesses and between businesses themselves. If you are looking for a diligent, experienced attorney to help you resolve a business dispute feel free to contact Salvatore DePinto, Attorney at Law, by calling 609-807-8942 to arrange for a free consultation.

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